Like most people, I sometimes find myself laying in bed at night not able to sleep. Most of the time I just lay there and hope to fall back asleep. On this particular night, it was about 3am and I just knew I was not gonna get any rest so I grabbed the camera and drove out into the night to find something to capture. I decided to head downtown to the museum district. There were several statues scattered about the place and there was one in particular I wanted to check out. After trying out a few different angles I settled on this one. The clouds in the backgroung really give a surreal look to the image. It makes a great print!

After getting the image of the statue, I wondered around the place. There was no one in sight. The roads around the area were empty and there was no noise at all. It was so silent and void of any life I was kind of freaked out. My imagination was in overdrive! I turned a corner and saw this in front of me. It looked and felt surreal. The light reflecting off the metal panels attached to angled walls were weirdly beautiful. Seeing the clouds rising from the cooling tower on the roof in the distance made my hand reach for the camera to capture the scene in front of me.