This image just screams Power!
Went on a photo-shoot meetup to a local train museum. I think it was the second time I went to the place and I had a great time. The weather was good though it was mostly sunny so I didn’t think I would get many images I would like. You see, when its sunny out with no shade the shadows are real harsh. For the most part…Not good.
The main image above with train # 5771, I made sure to get the images of this train first thing so the light would be better. I like the look.

This is another image I got during the same day. I was talking to one of the maintenance fellas there and he asked if I wanted to check out a train refurbishment behind the scenes. I said heck yea and away we went. After we made it to the shop where several rail cars were being restored we came across a beautiful train engine. He told me this train was the oldest working locomotive west of the Mississippi. After several angles I found the one I liked.

This is one of the guys I hung out with that day. We were exploring the rail cars and this one had some beautiful colors so I set up some HDR shots to get these.